Policy Update

US emergency COVID-19 bill prioritizes domestic relief, but contains some funds for international relief

The US Congress has passed a US$2.2 trillion emergency relief bill to assist in the COVID-19 response. Most of the massive funding bill is directed at responding to US domestic economic and health needs. However, the bill does contain some additional funding for international assistance, including:

  • US$500 million for the Centers for Disease Control's global disease detection and emergency response;
  • US$95 million for operating expenses for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and an additional US$258 million for USAID's International Disaster Assistance account;
  • US$350 million for the Department of State's Migration and Refugee Assistance account;
  • US$3 billion for the World Bank;
  • US$514 million for the African Development Bank; and
  • US$17 million for the International Finance Corporation *IFC).

Additionally, the IFC could receive up to US$28.2 billion in potential loans. These amounts are in addition to the previously approved US$1.2 billion in COVID-19 related foreign assistance passed by the US Congress in March 2020.

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